The accumulation and heat transfer in soils

Kapjor, Andrej and Daniel, Lubos and Farbak, Matus and Gottwald, Michal (2014)
The accumulation and heat transfer in soils.
Structure & Environment, 6 (4).
pp. 43-46.
ISSN 2081-1500


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The paper is focused on the investigation of the 240 hours cycle of heat charging and spontanneous discharging in the soil/water environment with 12-hour charging and 12-hour non-charging (discharging) cycles. The temperature fields at different times of running the simulation have been presented. It can be consluded that generally defined semi-insulated soil environment has a potential for withholding substantial heat cumulatively over repeated heating cycles.

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Słowa kluczowe: heat accumulation, numerical analysis
Tematyka: T Technology > TD Environmental technology. Sanitary engineering
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